Nature and Wildlife Photos by Ellen Goldberg

ELLEN GOLDBERG is a Miami Beach-based author, writer and photographer who for decades was a Jewish communal professional in both the nonprofit sector and as an editor and reporter for Jewish media. With an extensive background in journalism and photography, Goldberg’s works have appeared in the Associated Press, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Jewish Press, and Hadassah and Arts of Asia magazines, among many others.

As they do in her co-authored books The Last Jews of Cochin and Kashrut, Caste and Kabbalah, Goldberg’s photographs illustrate Nathan Katz’s award-winning book, Who Are the Jews of India? “One of the greatest beauties of the book is the black-and-white photographs by Ellen Goldberg,” one reviewer wrote in the Journal of Religion and Culture. “All of Goldberg’s photographs are splendid… they give the impression of timelessness. They not only enhance the quality of the book, they raise it to a whole new dimension of worth, beauty and significance.”

Goldberg’s photographs have appeared in one-woman and group exhibits including The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, B’nai B’rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum in Washington, DC, Judah L. Magnes Museum in Berkeley, CA, Florida International University, and the Jewish Museum of Florida.

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